Monday, 27 June 2011



Again slapped wrist I'm a bad blogger!

I have been really down the last couple of weeks I have been making cards but nowt good enough to blog!

waiting for my high intensity CBT appointment to come through and hope that makes me feel better!

I'm going to Bristol for a conference for 2 days on wednesday this is for Guinness Care and Support I'm a service user and part of a involvement group/focus group so looking forward to finding out more about the background.

Hate being away from home so hopefully will be ok going to take colouring in, cross stitch and my nintendo DS in order to distract myself from being on a train and staying in a hotel!!

I know i'm really down when i cant even pretend i'm in a good mood to be around the family :( bad day yesterday at my mums but it was brightened by being with my nephews (beautiful boys).

Thats all for now

if you want to comment please feel free also if you have question ask me :)

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

new label maker!

i know i know i'm a useless blogger! i have been having a dip in mood the last week mainly cause thats the way i am and also cause i HATE fathers day with a passion! its all over now so things are back to normalish.
been out shopping today with my friend Paul. we went to lidls (i love lidls) and we saw a label maker i coveted last time i was in there! i love putting my email address on the back of my cards but can never find nice enough labels or find a nice enough look to my own handwriting. the label maker is a brother so a good make in my opinion and was onnly £14.99 so very reasonable came with self adhesive tape and AAA batteries easy to set up and i've included an example.

looks really professional doesnt it?

Friday, 10 June 2011

one image 3 colour ways

been printing things today! thought i'd play with promarkers as i havent for a while! so here we have a sepia version, a monochrome version and a fun and funky version! i always use satin/blush for skin tone and sometime add in ivory if i want a bit more warmth! of course i used double sprinkle of kraft for the digi images!

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

a fathers day card for my step dad's dad

my step dad's dad is a harbour master hence the nautical theme.

i used vellums from a pick and mix set i got direct from my craft studio, backing papers designed by kirsty wiseman that i had on a craft disc i got free with a mag, peel off from a set i got from hobby craft (another pick'n'mix set) and the compass was one element from joanna sheens atc cd rom coloured in with promarkers to coordinate with the papers. the insert was from a pam west cd rom (a joanna sheen one again).

quite pleased with the result charging my step dad £3 and cause i used mainly pic'n'mix stuff probably only cost me 50p to make! awesome!

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

i made bread

its not card craft i know but as they were made by hand to me they count! i didnt have any bread so decided to make some then realised i dont have a loaf tin this could have been a fail! but decided to make rolls i used to make bread all the time but really dont have the room in this flat so had to really squidge myself into the corner of the kitchen to kneed the dough! may get a breadmaker might make life easier lol!

Sunday, 5 June 2011

re-post of pics

the walter and winnie anniversary cards

first post :)

Thought I'd start this blog with a quick bit about me.

I'm 28 with a real passion for all things arty and crafty.  I also volunteer within a youth services organisation near where i live in Hampshire.  I spend a lot of time with my two nephews and we are currently constructing a puppet theatre so we can put on Rapunzel.

My card creations vary in design i have yet to develop my own style thought i have been making cards since i was about 12 years old i've just in the last 2 years discovered a lot of techniques through magazines and the create and craft channel.

here are 2 anniversary cards i made for a commission recently it was for a ladies son and daughter-in-law, and for the daughter-in-laws sister and husband they had had a double wedding and the cards were for thier 2nd anniversary. I used Polkadoodles Double Sprinkle of Kraft CD-Rom for the 2 cards as i felt the walter and winnie images were perfect for this particular commission.  The lady has said she will be asking for more cards in the future so feel quite pleased with these 2 cards.