Monday, 27 June 2011



Again slapped wrist I'm a bad blogger!

I have been really down the last couple of weeks I have been making cards but nowt good enough to blog!

waiting for my high intensity CBT appointment to come through and hope that makes me feel better!

I'm going to Bristol for a conference for 2 days on wednesday this is for Guinness Care and Support I'm a service user and part of a involvement group/focus group so looking forward to finding out more about the background.

Hate being away from home so hopefully will be ok going to take colouring in, cross stitch and my nintendo DS in order to distract myself from being on a train and staying in a hotel!!

I know i'm really down when i cant even pretend i'm in a good mood to be around the family :( bad day yesterday at my mums but it was brightened by being with my nephews (beautiful boys).

Thats all for now

if you want to comment please feel free also if you have question ask me :)

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  1. I hope the conference goes well for you. It's pants being in a bad mood and not be able to shake it off. Hopefully you will feel in a better mood in the morning. There's always hope.